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rmx1000 usb trouble



i got problem with rmx1000 when trying to link on my pc.

first i cant see new driver when opening computer window ( C/D/E/F ....)

second got message about disabled midi interface when launching remixbox so i cant transfer settings to rmx1000.


plz help ^^

( i can see midi/usb pioneer drivers on device pannel )


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I'm not sure what you mean about C/D/E/F - do you mean the drives (not drive*r*s)?

The error message occurs because you have another MIDI-over-USB device connected; please disconnect it prior to connecting the RMX-1000.

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well i have no midi device connected when trying to link my rmx1000. To make simple, the rmx1000 is the first device i bought so i cant understand why i got midi conflict.

and u have right i mistook drives and drivers, so should i see the new drive ( aka L:/ ) on windows when i plug in the rmx1000 ?

btw, i could transfer settings from remixbox to rmx1000 via SD card.

but still have a bug :o)

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