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Question about rmx 1.31 update

It says the new update includes this

 '' Lifted the upper limit of beats in LOOP mode when X-PAD FX is used. The maximum length of the sampled sound that can be stored in a BANK (Total of 4 SLOTS) stays the same at 16 seconds''

Does that mean we can now roll 8 beats as long as the 8 beats are no more than 16 seconds??  

and can someone explain to me how to use loop function, i dont think ive used it before :S   or is that part of the sampler section?

aaron elliott

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I believe that refers to samples that are defined as "loops" within remixbox.  The roll maximum is (and always has been) 8/1, you just need to configure the X-PAD timing options within remixbox, the default max-length of the roll is 2/1 anyhow.

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