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RMX 500 / 1000 VST

If I run these as VST only using the RMX as a controller over midi can I run my project at 96Khz? How's the CPU load on Mac OSX with Ableton live? I'm on a 2.3GHz MacBook Pro.

Are there any differences in the use, capabilities or automation between the RMX 500 or 1000 when in VST or AU mode?

With multiple vst / au instances how can I activate/deactivate a particular instance Without using the mouse?

Thanks, Jon

Jon Spokes

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I would love to be able to activate each VST instance via MIDI or keyboard instead of using a mouse. Feature suggestion?

To use my RMX while DJing I have to run sound from Traktor to Abelton and out to my DB4 mixer (which doesn't have a Send/Return sadly). Each time I want to effect the sound I have to tab over to Abelton and click LinkOn. Such a drag that I only do this at home when off the cuff screw ups don't matter. Maybe I should just sell the RMX :/

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