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[SOLVED] Recording output of RMX500

So I've recently picked up a rmx 500 for use with my set up, which is currently two cdj 850's plugged into a kontrol s4. The way i have it set up is the S4 acts as the main mixer, with decks C and D as line in for the cdjs, the master output is then plugged into the rmx 500 before going to speakers. I would like to be able to record my mixes, however as the rmx is applied to my mix after passing through traktor, anything i do on it doesnt get recorded. Also if i plug in the rmx to another laptop and run audacity and pick rmx as the sound card then i am able to record the mix, but i lose all sound to my speakers. Is there anyway to avoid this or an easier way to record my sets?



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Because of how Traktor routes the audio, unfortunately you wouldn't be able to record the RMX without at least one additional soundcard (with multiple I/O's). The master output from the S4 would need to go through the RMX to the input of another audio interface, with that audio interface being merged with the audio interface of the S4 (either through ASIO4ALL on the PC or by creating an aggregate audio device on Mac), to record THAT input either within Traktor or another software, then sending the output signal to the 2nd audio interface for master output to your speakers.

It's not easy, but NI didn't make it easy. If you need further assistance, please let me know.

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