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RMX-1000 and XDJ-RX

I am hoping to buy the new XDJ-RX and I currently have an RMX-1000
I just want to know does the RMX work with the XDJ?i know it doesn't have send/return and know you can route it from master to input of RMX then into amp but my main problem is I have active monitors and am trying to figure out if this is worth selling my current dj setup to purchase the new controller.

John newall

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@John > Seems your question was missed originally but I caught it because a spam-bot had posted to the topic.

You can run the audio signal from the master output of the RX > RMX input, then RMX output > input of your amp. You could use BOTH outputs from the RMX, sending one signal to your monitors and the other to the amplifiers.

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