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CDJ-800Mk2 wont eject CDS

Hello team, I just bought a second hand Pioneer CDJ-800Mk2 which has an issue ejecting CDS. The fault is: after powering unit on all 4 autobeat loop lights flash constantly (my cdj-800mk1 doesnt do this dont think its normal), I insert CD, CD plays ok, tracking, skip and all functions appear to work ok but Eject button will not trigger the Eject event. If I wait for a while (ie 3 or 4 tracks) the 4 autobeat loop lights stop flashing and the eject button will work and triggers the eject cd event. Now CD gets jammed while trying to eject, makes a clicking noise, and Error E-9101 appears on screen.

So is it just the "SLOT-IN MECHANISM SECTION" assembly that needs to be replaced or the transverse motor by itself?. I already dissesembled and reasembled al looks ok to me and no missing teeth on cogs. Also I think the 4 flashing autobeat loop lights also indicates something else it wrong , ie. why wont the eject button at least try the eject CD? is this a logicboard issue. Would be easier to just replace the whol CD drive but Pioneer dont seem to have a part# for whole drive!

I also noticed this Mk2 wont go into service test mode so i can test all buttons. Hope its not logic board issue too!



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@djCraigGee > The service manual is intended for authorized shops only and is not to be posted online.  If you obtained a copy of it online, it was posted illegally, hence my removing it from your post.

Unfortunately, nobody here is authorized to provide you with the technical support assistance you seek; please contact Pioneer via the links located to the right.  They will be happy to help you figure out which parts you may need to order should you wish to do the repairs yourself.

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