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CDJ-800 cue button issue

hi. I bought a Pioneer CDJ-800 second hand in summer 2010. I haven't used it much. but I need it for a mix I am doing, and I'm having trouble with this.

basically it usually works ok. but sometimes I find the cue doesn't work properly. I'm using it with my Pioneer DJM 600 and I have a control cable connecting them. so I hit my CD1 fader up to trigger the sample while I mix with records. so fine. most of the time it does. but on the mix I am doing, I will need to cue sample 1 on the CD.. then trigger it a few times with the upfader on my 600. then a few seconds later. go to sample 2 on the CD and set a new cue point to trigger in the mix.


but just now, it's sticking. i cant reset the cue point for the life of me. I have to power off and restart the CDJ - which is obviously not cool. I googled it and they said maybe deoxit fader lube .. but I have that stuff and tried it, to no avail. it still sticks on the one cue point.   is there some release cue point button i dont know about?  I'm a total noob to using the CDJ. but it seems like it's just now working. and another thing. if i leave it sitting for a while and hit the upfader, it "forgets" to be triggered. I have to hit play on the CDJ, and then the cue point can be triggered.. like it needed to be reminded or something


can anyone help me understand this gear better? or does it just need to be taken in to repair? and if so, how much, roughly?


thanks in advance - a little frustrated. I only have a short time to do mixes so i was looking forward to getting this mix done tonite



Chris R

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Hi Chris,

It sounds like a service may be in order for your unit if the cue button is getting 'sticky' - possibly due to wear and tear with the internal mechanism. I've no idea how much it would cost but call into your local store for an estimate at least. Tech support links are in the right column.

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