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CDJ-400; issue with background noise

Ive had my two cdj-400s for over 2 yrs now and I recently started using them out on gigs. I noticed that in one of the players I get a significant amount of background noise (sounding clicky and distorted, and is occurs randomly but frequently). I previously thought it was due to my poor mixer. Since I bought a new mid-range mixer I noticed that the noise is still there in cd mode. I tried switching the RCA cables but its still there. Has anyone else had this issue? Im worried if its gonna cost me lots to get this fixed, if it can be fixed... Btw, its not the clicking sound that people have written about when inserting a cd. This sound happens all the time randomly.



Eric Lindberg

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@Eric > If it's only one of the players, I might suspect that there's something wrong with the unit itself.  You could contact Pioneer technical support to find an authorized service shop near you so they can take a look.

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