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CDJ1000MK3s w/ Serato

I have two CDJ 1000 mk3's,  DJM 500, and a serato box / macbook. I want to use the cdj's with my computer, but I'm not sure what plug i can use to connect them. I looked around the unit, and didn't notice and USB slots, then on the top left of the unit above the RCA jacks, theres this weird plug which i have never seen. I checked the manual and they don't even acknowledge this plug, so I'm confused on how to set up the cdj's with serato. I have seen it done on a youtube video. Can anyone let me know which plug(s) i need to make this setup possible?


Thanks for your time,


Tom Shonfeld

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@Tom > That's a diagnostic port, completely useless to anyone but the engineers.

As for how to use Serato with the computer, you'd simply connect the CDJs to the inputs on the SL box, then the outputs on the SL box to the inputs on the mixer.  You'd run the timecode CDs in the players and that would control the software.  That's it - no extra plugs, only the SL box connects via USB to the computer.

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