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MEP7000 auto-crossfade, is this adjustable?

I never ever use the auto cross-fade facility that's available on my MEP7000, because it fades from one song to the other too early - 30 seconds before the endd of a song is far too early (especially with older 60s and 70s era songs where 30 seconds can be a quarter of the length of a sng).

Is there a way of chaning the tining fo this cross-fade without using the computer?

I basically want it to take a playlist and play the songs in sequence, by pressing the Mix button and then selecting the Cross Fade function.

I realise that I can get a simlar result by turning of auto-cue and just starting the first song on the list, but that will leave small (sometimes not-so-small) pauses rather than a crossfade four or five seconds before the end of a song.

It would be nice for the next song to cue itself to a saved cue point rather than to the start of the music - but I can live without that :)






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