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Is there a way to export tracks to different folders on target ext. hd??

Hi friends,


Im in the process of organising all my music ( which really sucks) and ive imported tracks to rekordbox for analyzation.

I dont use RB, I usually just have a bunch of folders listed (by artist) that I drop tracks into through windows then just plug into my


So after messing with RB i found that I couldnt point RB which folder I want whatever tracks in. It just all falls into a folder named 'Collection".


Is there a way I can export to the folders I already created on my HD?


Also can I make folders in the main 'My Collection' tab? Just so I dont have a million tracks all listed on one page once I import them in?


Sorry , still figuring RB out. Nice software though, looks promising.

pete d

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@pete > You have a couple of options for sorting; the collection will always show as one big "flat" gathering of files, that's the intention -- to group together all of your music regardless of the folders they exist in on your drive(s).  You can either create playlists (as pseudo-folders) or use the various sorting options to view them in a different / grouped manner.

As for exporting, you can export the music to an external drive for use with the CDJs; doing so for use with your own computer (or another computer) will result in an organization of the files which is not a mirror of the source.

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