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Help!! the CDJ 350 show E-8306 when loading track with USB on Rekordbox 1.5

hey guys i had a problem with my cdj 350..i use cdj 350 firmware 1.06 and the latest 1.5 rekordbox version. The problem is when i'm going to load a track the cdj not recognize it and the E-8306 show up..this condition is happened in most of my track and i cannot playing with usb for a while now and this is annoying..before that i use rekordbox ver 1.4.1 and everything is going well.

i also delete all the playlist that exist before in my usb and import it again from rekordbox (the same playlist) to the usb and it still won't work..even for the new playlist..for more info i use Kingston USB Data Traveller 8GB..

can anybody help me?? my track format is MP3 320 KBPS no VBR..


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