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Problem with Rekordbox link

I'm at work at the moment so don't have all details to hand but...

I have a problem with the link feature on Rekordbox.

I'm working of a laptop which has Windows 7 installed and I am using 2 x CDJ 2000 and a DJM 2000 (all with up to date firmware).

Opening the Rekordbox program is fine, but when I connect to link and bring up the information on the CDJ's it's running very sluggish stuggling to bring up all the music information, artwork, etc..

It then struggles to load a track into the player! I can play the track and then work on the other CDJ, thats when it all goes pear shaped! The music struggles to get through constantly stopping and starting. Then both CDJ's freeze and the link icon on the laptop disapears all together with no option to re-connect? I've gone into the computer settings and can see the LAN is still connected with the duration clock still ticking away.

I have gone through all the fire wall settings and turned them off. Turned off the wifi option but it still does the same thing which is very frustating!

I'm only starting out using digital DJ equipment as previous to this I've always been vinyl only, so I am in now way technically minded when it comes to the problems caused when using systems like this.

I have resorted in transfering my music via Rekordbox onto a USB drive and it works perfectly.

Can someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong and how this can be fixed?

I'm kinda getting the idea there is no such thing as 'Plug in and play' with this system!











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Any help? . . . Please!!

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