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Recordbox alternatives / workarounds due to accessibility issues?

Hi all,

I just received my Pioneer gear yesterday (2 CDJ2000's and one DJM900Nxs). Gotta say I'm extremely happy with that setup and playing around with it is really awesome! So far, I've supplied the CDJs with tracks by copying a folder of tracks onto a USB stick without having them analyzed with Recordbox. Of course I'd like to use Recordbox, however the issue I'm having with this is that the program is mainly inaccessible. I'm blind and use a Mac with Voice Over, that's a screen reading softwar built into every copy of Mac OS X. Unfortunately, with that, I can't access most of the functions that Recordbox offers. What I can get to is the menu bar so I can, for instance, import m3u playlists into Recordbox so that they're analyzed. What I can't do, however, is put the Recordbox database on a USB stick. I can export an xml file containing the playlist info, however this doesn't seem to be the kind of database the CDJ2000 needs. Mainly, I want the Recordbox analysis to use the quantize function - the waveform shown on the CDJ2000's display obviously doesn't matter to me too much. So, is there any way I can do this, for example, by using a menu bar option? Or are there any ways of doing it on the command line or any other software frontend?

Any workarounds would be really appreciated!



Robin Kipp

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