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Reading ITunes XML through a network?

Hello. I'm trying to read an iTunes library from another laptop over a wired network in RB.

The xml loads correctly in Rekordbox and displays the other computers Itunes but all the files 'can't be located'. It asks me to locate everyone. I found out this was a directory issue and the directories kept in the XML on the Itunes computer couldn't be located from the laptop that i was trying to stream it from.

The only work around is to have your Itunes files in a disk image so the paths become universal. Here is a thread on the Traktor forums explaining how they've done it. It also works in RB.


I use it this way to stream audio but i really don't want my files kept in a disk image all the time.

I also don't want to pay for Dropbox and realise it doesn't work with the Itunes XML paths streaming from RB.

Is there another solution to do this? or someone that's more knowledgable with this that could share some advice?


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Yes; use an external drive for your music source and connect it to the machine you want to use when you need it.  Network shares are not supported 100% and are a low priority in development due to the excessive network traffic generated by the rekordbox link.

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