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Folders are split upon exporting to USB Drive

Good Morning.

As a mobile disco, I previously I had the CDJ 200's & all our music was on MP3 format catergorized in artist order which we found extremely easy to use.....so we wanted to adopt the same with our new set of CDJ900's.

Intitally I used rekordbox to analyze the music & manually manipulated it so we mantained our old style of music library onto the USB drive. As a result, most of the lovely features of Rekordbox was lost.

So, I joined this forum and the "tech guru" - Gavin, corrected my short comings.

I wanted to keep my old style format because at gig & when you under pressure, it is easy to search for music by artist order. For example, if we are in folder M -> artist Madonna, all you have to use the "back key" on the CD player to the list of alphabets, scroll to folder A and then scroll to Akon...... instead of scroll through all the artist's till you get to the one you looking for.......If that makes any sense. Easier to explain visually than on "paper"

Basically, keeping each alphabet as the hierarchy folder...

A -> Alicia Keys (artist) -> all her songs

In order to do this using Rekordbox & when exporting keep the format as I wanted, I opted to change the column details as follows:

Title:      name of the song

Artist:     Folder A

Album:    Artist Name

So now, I analyzed my "daily" batch of tracks (approx 4380 tracks), which took quite a while to do as I wanted to get all the labeling correct for easy retrival once exported to the USB drive.

Yesterday I finally transferred the Rekordbox collection to my external USB drive. Now this worked quite well when I exported the lot to my external USB because when I check it on the computer it was perfect.

But when I get home, plug it into the CD players & try to have a go, I notice that some of the hierachy folders are split with some of the artist's folders are in the split folder.

Please note: I checked & there are no duplication of tracks in the split folders.

Its merely, folders are split & there is no uniformity.

Also, I made damn sure that when I was analyzing the tracks & labelling them on Rekordbox, I spelt correctly, character case was correct....even made sure never press the space bar incorrectly. Just to avoid mistakes like what is experienced on Windows Excel.

Oh by the way, WOW, I messed around with a few tracks on the CD players. Analyzing the tracks makes a world of difference. The quantized loop feature is awesome and the BPM's were instant.  Just using the loop feature in a few places, I extended the original radio edit track of "Good Girl" by Alexis Jordan by close to 45 sec's....and it sound sweet.


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First of all, you need to abandon the old way of looking for music.  I understand the hesitation in wanting to move forward because you're comfortable with your old system, but the easiest thing you could do would be to move forward with rekordbox's advantages.

To browse now and get the same results you used to get, select Tracks then sort by Artist using the Menu button.  You can then scroll quickly though all your tracks.

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