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[SOLVED] Playlist Order Issue

Dear Pioneer

I have recently been wanting to group my tracks into playlists in a relatively simple way of warm up, mid set and peak time folders.

Once they are added to the playlist I am ordering them via BPM on the Rekordbox software.  When I come to play them back on my CDJ2000's they are not in the order I set them in on Rekordbox.  I can obviously sort them into BPM order via the CDJ2000 however when you use this method you cannot see track art and other info.

After fiddling at the Rekordbox yesterday I noticed that there is an unnamed  column which correlates to the order they appear in the playlist without sorting.

Is there any way around this  please?  I have attached an example to this post and the column I refer to is the one after Genre.  Thanks in advance...

Best regards...


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Thanks for this post as I was having the same issues. Ordering a play-list by artist order, exporting then on the CDJ2000 all the tracks were so random it made it a total mission finding the ones i wanted.

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