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Exporting ALL tracks from RB to HDD


I've done the search thing and it seems I may have hit a limit on the solution so thought I'd post here.

I would rather take my HDD to a club rather than my laptop (much less expensive) and have found the export function in RB (in this sense) to be fine.

What I would like to be able to do is to have ALL my tracks available on the HDD, analyzed and ready to go so when I want to put that long forgotten track on or I'm playing differing genres, I have ALL my music available through the search function.

Let’s say I have 10k tracks, RB will only let me EXPORT 1000 of them in any one playlist, meaning if I want to get mu music on to my HDD, I need to create 10 playlists.

As there is no other way for the CDJ to "see" your music on the HDD other than an export, are there any other suggestions on how to do this? Admittedly you won’t play most of the tracks in your "ALL" collection but it would be nice to have them available on inexpensive storage rather than the laptop.




Alex McDonald

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once you import all your music to the "Collection" area of RB, highlight ALL the thoraces, right click and export to drive. they will then be accessible by the 2000

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