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Best to use "importing tracks" or the "bridge" facility?

Hi all,

Just getting used to using rekordbox now finally....

I’ve got my external hard drive hooked up to my laptop (Western Digital 1tb hard drive), I-Tunes is open and I am trying to import tracks over into Rekordbox.

I’ve done this with the first few albums that are stored on the hard drive and it was analysing the tracks fine but then I went into other albums and no track was showing in the folder on the hard drive.

I’ve then “bridged” the tracks on I-Tunes into rekordbox and all tracks and playlists are showing in rekordbox.

My question is whether I can (or need to) analyse each track in rekordbox via the bridge facility. Which is the best way to use your tracks essentially - via the bridge facility or by importing them into rekordbox and is there a difference?



David Matthews

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Bridging relies on your iTunes library, importing directly builds the library itself.

If you have a lot of playlists in iTunes, you may consider using that method.  Myself, I prefer to do it manually as a direct import.

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I am really... confused with that iTunes bridge function.

Could you tell me what are the "pros" for manually importing tracks to Rekordbox instead of using the bridge function?

As far as I am concerned, I remember I had a problem with the bridge function, which is why I decided to change the way I imported songs, from "iTunes bridge" function  to "manual importation".

Here is how I import at the beginning my tracks with playlists from iTunes to Rekordbox (without using iTunes bridge function):

  1. I have 5,000 songs in iTunes
  2. In my iTunes, I have a playlist called "Electro-House", composed of 320 songs.
  3. I create a folder called "Electro House" in my "Music" folder on my computer (Windows 7)
  4. I transfer the tracks from the "Electro House" iTunes playlist to the "Electro House" folder created in my "Music" folder on my computer
  5. I import that folder to Rekordbox to import those songs and then analyze them, and then putting them right away in the Rekordbox playlist that i plan to create called "Electro House"

==> Is there another better way of importing tracks without having to copy twice the music (music located in the iTunes music folder, and the other part in those new playlist folders that I create in my "Music" folder on the computer)? What do you suggest me to do for importing tracks?

Also, another question is: what if I delete the song from the playlist folder (in the "Music" folder on my computer)? Will it not display anymore in Rekordbox?


Thank you in advance...

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