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Traktor /Rekordbox

 Arghhh cant make my mind up , Traktor pros , sync effects waveforms etc , Cons cdjs dont work as tight , no reverse ,etc   

Rekordbox , pros cdjs perfect, nice music organisation , Cons no sync , slower to mix tunes fast 

 its driving me nuts 

djm 700, cdj 900s , traktor 2.5 , rekordbox , 

Dj Preset

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I am having the same decision. I used 1000mk3s with TSP now I have cdj2000s, but i still have both.  To break it down, I believe Rekordbox is the future of djing.  Laptops are really annoying to bring and besides, you spent at least 2000 grand on cdjs, why do you want to bring another high dollar piece of equipment to the gig?  That and no laptop looks cooler and you look more attentive to the audience.

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