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Help & Advise/Suggestions/Debate Needed With Organising Tracks

Hi all, I've been reading the forums getting help for a while but now I've come across some problems I haven't been able to find the answers to and hopefully someone will tell me im stupid and how to do it, and not that it can't be done!

ok so first of all I like to sort my tracks by genre, and have added genre to the top of the 'catagory' export, which comes up on my CDJ850's fine. Once I go into that folder it goes into artist and I have to click all, then album and i have to click all again (I think its that way round but I can't check as I'm at work, but thats not important) then I have all the tracks with that genre. Is it possible to click on genre then get all the tracks straight away?

I know this is not the most critical thing but its just a little annoying. I thought maybe taking them out of 'Sort' in export might work, but it didn't, can anyone clarify what 'sort' refers to, as I haven't see changes I dont even know what it does :/

It would be nice if after genre it then filtered by key, with the option for 'All', so you can still have all tracks in that genre, dont suppose this is possible?

I started filling in some Key fields yesterday but wasnt sure the best way to search for harmonised keys, if you had a key catagory it will only get the exact same key (not other keys that will go with it) and will also mix up all the genres together. Is the best way just to pick a track, scrole down and check the key, and if you dont like it go back and pick another??? One way I read was to make 24 playlists for each key (camelot system) and then put harmonising keys in with it, ie. 4A would contain 3A, 4A, 5A & 4B. This would take a lot of time and it would be bad enough just keeping on top of it with new tracks bought let alone backtracking plus it would mix all genres (unless you make 24 for each genre! haha)

Does anyone have a good system they would like to share? (not a fan of putting the key in the name or anything, a bit OCD with my tags)

Ok final question. Once I had filled in a few key fields I thought Id try it out, so i put my device in and then selected my whole collection and clicked export to device. I checked and it hadnt updated the tracks in the device, I had to delete them off the device then re-export them. Surly this is not right? I checked the usb folder in finder and noticed that although i had deleted the tracks and only put a few in i wanted to test, it still had all the folders for all the tacks in. If I want to update do I need to erase my usb and export from scratch??

Ok thanks for your time if you read this and even more so if you help me! im sure its very unclear so let me know if you need any more details =]

Brett Priest

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A long time ago, before Rekordbox and the CDJ-2000 players, I used iTunes to keep my collection organized.

One of the best features of iTunes was the Smart Playlists.

I created Smart Playlists which founds tracks based on compatible keys.

For example, there would be a Playlist called   3A      and that list would have tracks which had 2A, 3A, 4A and 3B key codes.

The lists were auto-updating, so any time I added new music to the collection, the Smart Playlists would show them in the appropriate results.


I believe you could use the iTunes Bridge to copy Playlists from iTunes.  The playlists won't be "Smart" on the Rekordbox side, but you could update them manually via the bridge when you need to, and then export the lists to your USB stick.  Then it would simply be a matter of selecting the playlist you need when playing your sets.

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Ok thanks that's interesting I'll look into that! =]

Since writing my post I've found out (I think) that the 'Sort' feature, after you go into the category you want, by pressing menu, doesn't work on the CDJ850's, is this right? and are we likely to see it added in an update?

Also my main problem is still when I pick the genre category, I have to go through album and artists clicking 'all' before I get all the tracks, I just want the tracks! if I choose Key category then I get all the tracks straight away :/

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