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help with rekordbox playlists and external hard drives

hopefully someone will help me out with this one, coz i can't get my head around all of this.

i have imported all my required tracks to rekordbox, scanned, set as playlists, and exported to an external hard drive.  I have then deleted the playlists from rekordbox to save space on my laptop.  When my external hard drive is plugged in and i open rekordbox, i can still access all the tracks as playlists which is all good.

now.....this is what i'm trying to do.  i'm trying to duplicate all the rekordbox info that's on my hard drive onto a new hard drive so i have a back up.  When i do a straight forward copy of the folders, a lot of the tracks bring up an error code on the cdj's, and sometimes makes the deck completely freeze up.  they play fine off the original hard drive, and there are no corrupt mp3 files.  I am assuming somewhere errors are occuring during the transfer.

i was wondering is there another way to completely copy the info from one hard drive to another?  when i go through rekordbox, although it shows the playlists and tracks on the first hard drive, it does not give me the option to export to another hard drive.  is there a way i can do this?

possibly not the best explaination, but hopefully someone will understand what i'm getting at.

darren barnes

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You're likely missing the hidden Pioneer folders.  I would try using a drive cloning tool instead of just copying the files/folders.

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