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Need some feedback

Hi all, i am currently planning on getting a completely new set-up. I want this setup to work well with Rekordbox as i am very drawn to the workflow aspect.

From what i know the 2000's and 900's are the only units compatible with linking a laptop to the players to drag songs onto the respective players. What i dont know however, is if my mixer even matters? for example would i need a djm900 nexus for this entire "PRO LINK" to work? or could i simply just use a behringer etc...(the reason i ask this is because on certain videos ive came across in recordbox there was not only images of the cd players below but a mixer too). Anyway, if the mixer is redundant (which im hoping is) would a pair of 900s and a djm700 be a viable option as my pockets are only getting smaller?

Also, with regards to dvs (traktor in specific) if i own a pair of 900's i could control the software from the players without anything to do with the mixer again correct?

Would greatly appreciate some valuable input here cause at the end of the day it is not petty change we're dealing with! :P


Victor Emmanuel Quek

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Hey Victor,

You are right about the CDJ-900/2000 being the players that you can link via RekordBox Link and play tracks from it.

The mixer can be important for some of us wanting to use spot on (accurate timed) audio effects (by using a feature called QUANTIZE) or use for example traktor (the djm-900 acts like a  soundcard interface so you don't need another one which was the case with previous (pioneer) mixers)

The DJM-2000 for example also allows to drop a track onto the mixer via Rekordbox to preview CUE that track before even loading it onto your deck. (quite handy sometimes)

Also, the DJM-2000 acts like a kind of 'router' allowing you to connect two computers running Rekordbox and up to 4 CDJ players via CAT Cables.

but just to clarify, you can just use a switch and a link cable(CAT). you do NOT need a 900/2000 mixer for the Pro DJ Link to work. 

So if you can live with manual effects adjustments (automatic bpm detection, not 100 % accurate sometimes), no mixer preview, no dedicated hardware to work with Traktor perfectly (djm-900) and the routing feature of the 2000, then I guess you could also go for another mixer..

I had a Allen and Heath Xone 92 mixer before upgrading to my Pioneer DJM-2000 and while I liked the solid feel of the AH over the 2000 I never used it again. The 900/2000 offer some great options, especially when used with the 900/2000s

You could  consider purchasing a DJM-700, DJM-800 or DJM-850 if you don't need the things stated above. 

Just remember that the DJM-700 and DJM-850 do not have Digital Inputs.

I do use them as I am an audiophile quality freak when it comes to music ;) 

and your comment about the behringer mixer.. if you are really serious about this then don't spend this amount of money to buy a behringer mixer ;) it doesn't have to be to like really expensive.. but it's one of your most essential things for DJing.

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Rekordbox is designed to work with the CDJ-2000 & CDJ-900 via a ethernet hub/switch.  The mixer you choose will not affect your ability to drag and drop tracks in Rekordbox to the CDJ players.

Some of the new Pioneer mixers like the 2000 and 900Nexus also can link to the ethernet hub/switch and will "LINK" to Rekordbox.  Some of the additional features you get with this are:  

1.  Ability to drag and drop tracks in Rekordbox to a "preview deck" on the mixer.  This is helpful if you only have 2 CDJ players, because it effectively gives you a 3rd preview deck.  (Keep in mind, that any mixer with a built-in sound card can provide the functionality of a "preview deck."  But only the new Pioneer mixers will show that "preview deck" on the Rekordbox screen.)

2.  The 900Nexus has a feature which can change the led colors on the CDJ-2000 platter to red when a deck is on/off "air."  This way you are less likely to hit stop on a playing deck by accident.

3.  And lastly, the 2000 & 900Nexus can sync with the Quantize info from Rekordbox for their effects.  This aids with the beat timing for FX.


Whether or not those features are important to you is up to personal preference.  The DJM-900Nexus is becoming the industry standard mixer for a lot of clubs around the world.  So there would be the benefit of being familiar with one of the more popular mixers to be found if you are playing out in clubs.  But, truthfully, you don't need to buy Pioneer mixer to make your CDJ players work better.  For me, the added features that the CDJ-900/2000 offer are not important.  I prefer to use another brand of mixer because of its superior sound quality and FX.  But this is just my preference.

As for Traktor, the latest update to Traktor added Advanced HID control for the Pioneer CDJ-2000 & CDJ-900.  This means that the CDJ players can be connect to your computer via USB cables and then used to control the Traktor software without the need for timecode discs.  You don't need a Pioneer mixer to use Traktor, but it can be helpful to have a mixer with an internal sound card.  This way you don't need the Traktor sound card.

I don't really use Traktor, but I did test out the Advanced HID when it was released a couple weeks ago and I was impressed.  If you like Traktor, then you should definitely check it out.


As for whether you should get the CDJ-2000 or 900.....   the major difference is that the CDJ-2000 has the needle search feature, and a larger LCD screen.  If cost is a major consideration, then I think the 900 will give you what you need and save some money.


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