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Having a quality usb matters when using rekord box

Hey everyone,


I just rented a pair of cdj-900 to see if I would like to buy them.


At first I bought 2, $10 usb drives.

It took 4 or 5 hours to copy my playlists and songs.


not a good time seeing ho it was only 5gb


Anyhow, I went out today and bought a lexar 1 32G 3.0 usb/2,0 usb.

It took about 30 minutes to copy my playlists to the drive.




Thanks for all the helpful advise

Ryan Leo

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 I'm 15 now (Since 1 aug) and with my small pocket i picked up 2x Sandisk cruzer Edge's (8GB) they do verry well.

And were about 12 euro's each.

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Corsair are still my favourite and have yet to leave me down (click the image)

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