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Rekordbox Library Disappears On PC - Tracks = 0

Help Needed Please!

I was using Rekordbox 1.54 for my music collection on my PC running Vista. When importing songs, the selection of drive and file location was sometimes slow. I could normally solve this by closing and restarting Rekordbox. Except, when I restarted Rekordbox this time, it listed the number of tracks as 0. I had just hit 4000 tracks before the restart.

I remember something similar happened a couple of years ago. and a quick system restore seemed to fix the problem. I have tried this, this time without any success. I have tried opening all my old rekordbox programs back to 1.10, and this has not worked. I have tried restoring the database from users/appdata/roming/pioneer but this hasn't worked either.

Being a complete idiot, my last manual backup that I made is from a few months ago. Is there any way I can get back my most recent work?

Any help or advice would be most welcome.


Thanks in advance,




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One more thought. I have my latest collection all on my portable hard drive which I take out to gig with. Is there any way, no matter how sneaky, to get my missing tracks and / or playlists back from my portable hards drive back on to my PC?

Thanks again...

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