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Artwork Issues Still

Please please please can we have a fix for the artwork issue. My 2000's run perfectly other than the fact that 1000's of my tracks have muddled up artwork. This has gone on for at least 6 months, I've posted about it before and it was never sorted previously.



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Still no response???


Can someone verify if this below will work for me and if so how exactly to do it correctly?


So just to update this posting we found the problem!!! (Myself + Pulse + Pioneer Engineers)  It is the track artwork loading onto the CDJ's that is causing this annoying problem! In order to fix this issue using Rekordbox we renamed the "Artwork" folder in the Pioneer folder to "Artwork-temp" and that has fixed the issue. Now the issue is I have no artwork but hopefully we will soon have a solution? If you are using another media device and you are having this "Freeze" issue I would recommend removing the track artwork however possible. I know for a fact that this is the issue when using Rekordbox as for as another device this is just my hypothesis. If your decks are freezing I would try it, where there is smoke there is usually fire! 

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