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Rekordbox future implementation suggestions

The new rekordbox app allows apple owners to set up cue points and map out there tracks on there mobile devices and transfer it to their computer. This is a great feature even though personally I have not used rekordbox but even though this seems like a great addition. 

The reason why I am making this Thread is to allow other djs to put there own opinions on here so we can get a collective of how rekordbox can be implemented in the future.  There is a suggestion link on the homepage of this forum but consumers aswell as pioneer can only benifit to get a consensus of what we all think regarding future implementations of rekordbox.

Here is my 2cents:

  1. Since cdjs and mixers are essentially computers pioneer should start implementing rekordbox in future cdjs and mixers without needing a laptop or an external source.  It will still allow djs to use an outside source such as the rekordbox app and software for computers but will give djs the option to set up cue points and map out their tracks within the next generation pioneer cdjs and mixers themselves.  If the dj uses cds or usb or a computer everything will be linked via an internal memory of the cdjs and mixer.  Past cdjs allowed djs to save cue points so this is not new but the difference is djs can put in a cd or connect an external source ( laptop, hardrive, ect.) and map out tracks by utilizing the cdjs and mixer itself via the screen and on board buttons.  Having a better screen such as a colored waveform like traktor will be a step up which is where I see cdjs in the future allowing djs the functionality of either using a laptop or just doing everthing on the cdjs and mixer itself.  When djs are not using there own equipment they can easily take there mapped tracks and cue points with them via (usb,hardrive phone/tablet) and connect them to the clubs pioneer equipment instead of having to carry a laptop.

The cdjs and mixer need more internal memory and a upgraded screen to allow users the functionality of a detailed waveform and beat quantizing while still having an internal link via connections between the cdjs and mixer themselves and any outside source to be quantized via the collective master tempo and allowing the dj to slave any source to link all connections to the one master tempo of the djs choosing.  Almost like how the rmx 1000 has its own internal quantizing except this time the user can choose any source in the link to be a slave or master tempo without having to depend on a laptop for quantizing and mapping ect...

  1. I don't personally use rekordbox as of yet but now with the addition of an app I may start since I believe it will allow the user to set cue points and map the tracks on the go which in turn would allow a lot of djs to be more efficient when they are not at home.  So its important that pioneer allow andriod devices such as phones and tablets to implement this option as well in the future.  The next generation of cdjs and mixers by pioneer should have a micro usb port or come with a usb connector that can plug in to any andriod, apple phone or tablets straight to the cdjs and or mixer.

8 out of 10 djs use laptops now when performing, while I am blessed to have the opportunity to own a mac, a pc and a ipad I still think that djs should have the functionality to utilize rekordbox and quantizing to be a feature that is imbeded in the cdjs and mixers themselves.  The future of dj equipment should allow djs to have the option of either utilizing a laptop at a event or going another route by utilizing cds or usbs/ hardrives and still be able to quantize and map out tracks as well as set up cue points and whatever else rekordbox allows the djs to utilize this time within the cdjs and mixers themselves.   While still allowing any external source to connect to the next generation cdjs and mixers to transfer data within the cdjs and mixer itself when djs are mixing with the clubs pioneer equipement and allowing linked connection to quantize through the next generation cdjs and mixers themselves.   

Discuss and add any more suggestions so we can take our experience as proud pioneer owners to the next level.



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