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the 'bars to cue point' counter in rekordbox for iPhone

right now, my track prep workflow is pretty insane. i have to pull my tracks into traktor, set up all my cue points and beatgrid, export that through rekordbuddy into rekordbox, and then I have a track gridded and set up.

i don't know if it's a common use case but i always set up a few standard cue points - 16 bars before the bass kicks in, when the bass kicks in, and 16 bars before the big build ends, then when the big drop hits. i do this because i'm generally playing on four decks and in the heat of getting a couple tracks prepped lose exact track of where i am in the currently playing songs. it also makes it a lot easier for me to line up things on tracks with weird 4-beat edits before drops, etc.

my roundabout point is, these are pretty standard things. with my x1 and traktor i can set it up on the track in about 15 seconds a track, and move along to playing. rekordbox has no way to 'jump x beats' like traktor does, so i wind up having to sort of feel it by counting on screen, or through the hitting the reverse button at the drops and counting beats or whatever if i don't want to deal with traktor. on the iphone app, there's a little 'bars to cue point' indicator on the screen. i'm doing all my track prep there now, even though the transfer time is super long, because this helps me get my initial cues set.

is there any chance we can see this in the desktop app? it would make my life infinitely easier! thanks so much!

jean luc protocollie

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It has already been suggested for rekordbox - we'll make sure it's added to the list again.

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