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Todays Rant! ( i havent had one for a while )

Ii am getting increasingly frustrated now that we have more new stuff to go wrong when we havent even fixed the issues of the first stuff that is broken,

Rekordbox is a pile of ass that we constantly need to nurcher and maintain and here we are loosing the focus of what need to be fixed.

While everyone is focusing on wireless connectivity pioneer seem to be getting further away from the original faults.

So now the majority that have spent their cash on the top of the range gear is still waiting for it to be fixed in the mean time another expo takes place and pioneer feel the need to push out another pile of junk to keep the masses happy with their development.

The djm2000 has waited over a year to be fixed and rekordox is far from perfect so how about stop developing new stuff and fix the faults first.

"its a different department" i hear you say and "different engineers" well i run my own business and if my staff operated like this let me tell you i would have sacked them and got someone in that can do the job properly.

I don't care if its a different department its not my problem, emply someone to work in the correct department that isnt sitting there scratching his ass and reading the paper all day!!

I don't want to use my phone for data storage, as if DVD, SD, CD. Memory stick & link are not enough options of data why do we need a damn app for phones that will most probaly suffer incompatabillity issues for years to come.

The money would have been better off being spent on an fx app that more people could have used.

i saw a post which made me lol that the new app doesnt have wav and aiff support, i mean come on how much storage does your phone have?

you can only please all of the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time,

i have a top of the range set up which in my opinion software wise is powered by kids programming without even the fundamental elements working !!

But dont worry we have an app and wireless when we cant even get the cables stuff working prroperly!!

i dont want wireless it cant be trusted!

i would simply like to be able to use all my kit with confidence as many others and im pretty sure most of us can stand here with our hands on heart and say we cannot do this.!!

i am very disapointed by the industry leader and can see why other people are loosing faith and changing to different manufacturers.

/end rant!

Nick Hilton

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Pionix , I'm 1000% behind you.... I don't have any words to add.

I'm not happy about how the things work...

Please fix rekordbox properly before releasing new features!

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I agree with you Pionix! 

I'm also disappointed with the lack of information from Pioneer about the DJM-2000 firmware! I doubt any engineer is working on it... FFS it has gone more than 13 months since the last update and that update was announced on Pioneer.eu April 27 2011 and released July 19 2011...

At least tell us that you're working on a new firmware for your so called "Flagship Mixer" or if the DJM-2000 has been retired...

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I also agree 10000 % with you guys.. this is getting to the point beyond frustration.. really what the heck have they done? they certainly lost there focus.. they just should make sure everything is working properly and up-to-date before releasing all kinds of cheap products.. (yep, I tested all the new controllers.. NO match to the 2000 range cdjs/djm) 

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nothing more to add really.. you guys are just right.

Jack EDM 0 votes
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There is firmware en-route, you just need to wait a bit longer.

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