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Syncing & Rekordbox

Hi Firstly.


I have a 2 x CDJ2000 and DJM2000 and plan on using rekordbox Link to access my music to play. although the iMac is on the other side of the room so ive run a network cable over to the decks. this is working fine but i only have a basic list on the CDJ's Displays with ARTIST / ALBUM / TRACK etc. Previously i used a USB Stick and used to copy my music onto it and set it up so i could view GENRE and KEY in the list on the CDJ's Display. Can i also set this up to display these catagories when using Link? as it would be really usefull due to the iMac being on the other side of the room.



I have the mobile iPhone version of rekordbox and transfer my music over to that to listen to and cue/loop etc but when i change the comments or any other tag on the Desktop Rekordbox. it doesnt update the info on the iphone and i have to delete the music and copy it back over for this to display? why is this.?


and Third.


Why cant i plug my iphone in via usb to the cdj2000 and run rekordbox on it. to access my library. i understand this is posible on the 2000 nexus? but why not on the 2000 is this going to be added. as this is a software adition and not hardware, surely we can have this on the 2000. (obviously the wifi thing may be different) but not via usb. 


Please advise if possible. thank you!

Ashley Wood

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When you update files on the desktop Rekordbox you have to put them onto the mobile again. You dont have to delete them just drag and drop the updated file and rekordbox knows that the song is already there so it just updates any changes. 

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