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Rekordbox 2.0.2 - Filenames showing as directory names

I have just moved a few files around on my PC and relocated them fine. However, I have 5,500 files all showing there filenames as "A - hardtechno" which is a folder name and none of the files are in there !


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Yeah mate. When I reloaded the tags, all of the tag information for all of the dodgy files changed to the info in the first track in that directory !!

I got round this by removing all the trax with dodgy filenames & the track whose ID information was being reloaded, then moved these files into a separate directory, imported them again, re-entered all the tag information, then moved them into there original directory's. 

I still got the same error on some files when relocating (filename the directory name, reload tag which changed all to the information of the first file in the directory), I was thinking maybe this was because I was highlighting over 1000 files and relocating them, so I just done them in batches of 50, which seemed to work.

I done the same procedure in 2.0.1 and had no problems.


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