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2.0.2 Keeps crashing

Ever since Rekordbox started, I've had NO problems what so ever!!! 

But since 2.0.2 I've had nothing but problems. It keeps crashing. It's a catastrophe. Not a single succesfull export. Just crash crash and crash...

If i didn't have a back USB (which i am afraid to update) I would be a DJ without music.  This need to be fixed from Pioneer with an update ASAP.

Go back to 2.0.1 or something. I can see there are more threads with this issue, and I am going to read them now. But just wanted to point out that this is not acceptable. An update shouldn't cause problems like this.

Some DJ friends of mine are considering converting from traktor/serato to USB. But I can not recommend it if something like this happens.

BTW, I have used different USB's, (which have worked previously) and even bought new ones (USB 2.0 and 3.0) and they all crash. Waste of money and time. 

I've spoken to other USB DJs, and some haven't met problems and others have. Just wanted to express my frustration.


Henrik Mathiassen

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