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Replace existing database with the one of a USB Device (Not a Backup Device)

Hey there,

I want to fully replace my database on my mac with the one of my usb device. I exported all the tracks via rekordbox to this device. (so this device is NOT (!!!) a stick containing backup files of my mac database)

Now I see i can drop playlists back to the mac BUT it doesn't allow to move whole folders back ( getting an error message .. sth with 'can't find the corresponding tracks")

is there an easy way to replace my database on my mac with the one of my usb device ?

i really cannot delete my mac database , create new folders and move every single playlist from my device to there - this will take AGES !

thank you this is so important for me !!!

why do i need this ? : the usb device contains rearranged playlists and folder structurues i only made on the DEVICE (usually using other laptops before gigs)


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