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How to nicely manage your tracks database on two different computers and OSes?

So here's the thing.

Most of my time I sit by my work desktop windows PC, I work and do my stuff, also listen to music, beatport and stuff like that. When I manage to find good new tracks I get them on this pc.

But then I need to get it on my macbook where I have rekord box and which I use to DJ.

What's the best thing to have my music on both computers and have the same rekordbox databse?


What's the best solution to this?

Gintaras St.

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A FAT formated external Hd to use with all your computers. Easy to save your collection and copy your database.

Dont forget to buy 2 Hds (one for backup) .

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@Gintaras > Unfortunately, you cannot use the same database for both computers as the file path for the Windows version will be different to the file path for OSX - so, Fredrik's advice is of no use.

I use my Mac mini for finding music on Beatport etc and when I download, I import to a virtual machine on my mini to edit the tags in Tag&Rename (which is only available on Windows). When thats done, I import my music into iTunes on my mini and export the edited tracks to rekordbox on my MacBook Pro.

If you had two similar operating systems you could use DropBox to sync the two but cross OS isn't possible.

Gavin 0 votes
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