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Rekordbox & WAV files.

Dear rekordbox friends..

I have been purchasing and using WAV files for years, mostly because it was know as the standard in years gone by..

The problem I always face is the metadata issue where data such as "title" "artist" etc can not be stored within he file and then picked up by rekordbox..

Because of this I and many others I'm sure spend countless hours importing data to make everything look nice and clean...

My file name structure has been the same for years and I know this has already been covered but I would like to know if Pioneer will ever support a feature such as the one I explain below.

My file names are always in this structure


I would love for there to be a feature where I can allow Rekordbox to understand this structure and take field information from each section and import it into the correct fields within the program..

I'm sure there are plenty of things that need to be looked at that may be deemed more important than this but for me this problem is becoming so tiresome... I understand that it is not a feature of the program to do this, nor should it be expected of Pioneer to implement this but I'm pretty sure you may make many people very happy.

Kindest regards



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I actually used a app that I got from the apple store called Beat Tagger that converted all of my Beatport Wav files (I'm assuming that's where you got them) to AIFF and retrieved info and artwork from beatport,   This was before key was in the metadata, so I used Mixed in key to fill that in on each AIFF File.    From then on, I just bought AIFF's.  

However, I just looked for it in the APP store and it's gone.  Not sure why.   I'd pass it along to you as I don't need it anymore, but I'm not sure how.

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I've had the same issue with using wav-files. I found a way to record my structure based on my naming convention for the filename.

What I do is:
1. I use iTunes as my music management system.
2. I made my initial ripping of all my CDs outside of iTunes, using a similar naming convention as you Jb.
3. When I load the files into iTunes, they only appear with the filename as name. Aften this I run soe AppleScript, to change the name into the different iTunes tag- informations in iTunes.
4. In RekordBox I can use Bridge to load the music files with the tag-into into my RB collection.

After the initial rip, I now - when I buy CDs - I rip with iTunes. Then I don't have to use the AppleScripts. From Gracenote iTunes just receive the Tag-info, and i can bridge it to RekordBox afterwords.

I hope this input can inspire you to save some time with typing the info...

Best regards,

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Thank you all for your comments....

I will look into iTunes + aiff and the possibility if a program to strip filenames and turn the data into tagged metadata...

I would like to know if the forum reps are talking to pioneer about the possibility if filename to tag data functionality within rekordbox...

Will it ever be implemented...

Thank you


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There is an otherway as well that follows the same root as above but with a slight twist

Create an MP3 of your wav files and put them in the same folder structure as your wav files

There are 100 of good programes that tags filenames as well foldernames into mp3 tags

So its very easy and fast to create the perfect mp3tag in minutes of 1000 of files by a click on a button

Here comes the trick now you want to clone the mp3 tag to your wav file in Itunes

Then this script can help you : dougs apple scripts for itunes Copy Tag Info Tracks to Tracks

Best regards, gido 



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