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"Make an adjustment from the current postition" feature broken?

Hi all,

Before RB 2.0.2 I thought it was possible to separete beatgrid properties through "Make an adjustment from the current postition", so changes made afther this point wouldn't affect the whole track. I have a track with a tranition in between where the track goes from 126 to 102 and then back to 126. Dynamic track analysis picks this up perfectly, and alligns the track back to it's original speed on the beat. But the timing is off, because it should be the first beat and RB makes it the fourth beat. So I use the function to make a change from that point and then click on "set the first beat". But this changes the whole track! And I am pretty sure this worked before. Also the options to shift the grid to the left or right is greyed out and not working... Any ideas?





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