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new to all this - Cdj 850 and rekordbox help/query

Hi im getting a set of cdj 850 k's sometime next week. im wondering after looking at the rekordbox features and what cdj's certain features work on what will work exactly.

Basically i have downloaded rekordbox and have been setting hot cue points and loops. The loops ive been saving in memory and the cues in the hot loop section (3). I have been using quantize and adjusting the beat grid. 

I want to know, if what im doing currently will all work on the 850  a. quantizing and adjusting beat grids

                                                                                                                     b. Saving cue points to the hot cue points (850s dont have hot cues) Should i be saving these to the memory


Also just for when i get these how do i go about calling these up on the cdj and how easy/effective is it?

Thanks for any help

shane franklin

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