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[CLOSED] Sort by Date issue


I have 2 issues when sorting on date:



You can't select "DATE ADDED" in the CATEGORY menu (first sort menu that will appear when you open your usb/sd )

You can only do so in the SORT menu ( 2nd sort menu, entered by pressing MENU on the cdj)


In order to use Date ADDED I first need to enter a sort category like Genre or KEY (in the first menu when you open your media)

Then when I'm in the genre menu I'm able to filter on Date Added.


This also gives a extra problem which is that the DATE will be displayed all the time!

I won't be seeing A lot of useful info. Only the Title and the Date will be displayed!

When you filter by genre, color or what ever. You can still see all the other info ( artist etc)

What I ask =>

Please make it possible to select DATE ADDED in the Category menu and the problem will be gone.



2nd Issue:


I will give you directly an example =>

I enter my SD card and select filter mode TRACK => All the tracks on my SD card are listed ALPHABETICAL (that's by default)

So the tracks are listed like AA, BB, CC etc ...  And your "cursor" will be at the top , which will be at track AA.

Then when I want to play the newest tracks I filter on DATE ADDED

The cdj will now display the Date ADDED behind the tracks.

BUT by default it will jump to the date of the track that was Highlighted at that moment.

So it will jump to the date from track AA.

My track with the title AA is added in 2012.

=> what I have to do:  is keep on scrolling up until my wanted date in 2013 appears.

And that is a lot of scrolling!!


What I ask =>

when entering the DATE ADDED sort menu : BY default, go the NEWEST date. So you can directly access your newest tracks

Not to the random date that could be somewhere in 2012 like in my example.


Hope I explained everything well ?


Thanks in advance!









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I agree!

The whole sorting option needs a bit more work and the suggestions from TheOne is very much needed.

Kenneth Runge 0 votes
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Yes I like this idea too. Right now I make a play list up and of the last 1000 added songs and sort by date added then renumber track order then go to the playlist if I want my newest songs. 

Morgo 0 votes
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+1 i totally agree i support  everything said here.

T K P 0 votes
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I'm glad you feel the same way.

I hope this gets fixed!

Even the possibility of sorting per MONTH would be great...

But in the CATEGORY menu... then the date wouldn't be displayed constantly.

TheOne 0 votes
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