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[SOLVED] Exporting Playlists for XDJ-R1 - still shows up as one big folder


I have analyzed all my music on the latest version of rekordbox (v3.0.0) and created a few different playlists (slow, 80's, R&B, EDM, etc).

When exporting to a flash drive for use on the XDJ-R1, I do select in the tools tab, preference (XDJ-R1) then export to the drive.

However, when using the drive on the R1, it still just shows Folder->Contents ->...and lists all the individual folders starting from the top to the bottom.

It does not show each playlist.

The whole point of having playlists is to make it easier for searching because you are planning ahead.


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@Vishnu > That's the way it works -- you don't browse it by the files, you browse it by Playlist from the top level menu on the R1.

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