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Create intelligent playlist not so intelligent!

Hi all,

  Thanks for another update and continuing to improve on some awesome software. I noticed a new feature called "Crete intelligent playlist", so I thought I'd give it a whirl. While the first time I tired it, netiher the cancel or ok buttons worked, I thought this was because I did not add a title, however now I believe it was just an initial start up delay of sorts, it is all working fine now (ok and cancel).

I put in an artist as below:


I got several entries but knew I was missing one, the tune had the artist like below:

Jerome Robins, MC Flipside, Crazibiza


Shouldn't the search pick up the tune with the artist listed 3rd?




Tony Higgins

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i agree, i have been using VDJ for may years and was thinking of switching to the Rekordbox and noticed that you can NOT have a filter that enables to pick up the best match songs that are in a particular folder live. that is matched to a specific configuration on the Camelot wheel that i have created. its a bit difficult to explain, but it works like a treat on my VDJ software.

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