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Is there a way to double the bpm value for multiple files at once?

I'm getting a bit annoyed with the fact that many of my tracks the bpm value is cut in half....

I play a lot of hardcore music with bpm values from 170 to 200 but many tracks are analysed as 90 or 100 bpm.

i can change it, but only track by track.......i have severel thousand tracks, so this isn't a option :(

Ruben Smit

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That would be nice.  I set it up with a keyboard macro using AHK on windows.  Every time I hit the hotkey, it executes the sequence to double the bpm then selects the next track.  There are a number of these helper/productivity applications out there for various platforms.  AHK is a bit fiddly, as you actually write scripting code to perform the operation. Other apps let you simply record the sequence and capture it to a key.  But once you learn how to use it, it becomes addicting and makes library management much more sane for your particular workflow.

I use one of these things, too: http://gaming.logitech.com/en-us/product/g13-advanced-gameboard it has a bunch of configurable buttons (you can program macros with them as well) and I have groups set up to manipulate ID3 tags in common ways that make sense to me (like moving tracks between libraries, setting track ratings, etc.)

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