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Why am I getting "unsupported tracks" and "not included in collection pane. can't create image" when I create my library?


Everytime I'm about to create a library and remove my usb-stick I get these problems:

  • "Unsupported track(s) were found in the USB device. rekordbox will create library that excludes them. Are you sure you want to continue?"
  • "There are tracks which are not included in Collection Pane. rekordbox can not create an image in 320x320 pixels size for such tracks."

What does it mean? If someone can tell me the solution for this problem I would be very thankful.

I have to add that when I compare my collection with all tracks on the USB there are 6 tracks missing. But my collection doesn't display any unsupported tracks icon like suggested in this thread: http://forums.pioneerdj.com/entries/42573613--SOLVED-XDJ-R1-Rekordbox-Library-Unsupported- and I have several tracks with a bitrate thats under 128 or VBR which are still added and playable on the USB.

It really would be nice if rekordbox could show a log of which files causing the problem.

Best regards, Emma


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I got that tonight too. It was because the track I wanted was on the iCloud.... I had not downloaded to the device I was using. If you own it, download it.... it should work. :)

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Hi Kelly! 

Thanks for your answer but I'm sorry to say that it doesn't help. I own all my tracks and they are located on my computer so that's not the problem for me. :-(

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