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How to get Rekordbox 3 to connect to CDJ's from a laptop

I updated to Rekordbox 3, downloaded the latest CDJ-2000NXS drivers and installed them, and downloaded the CDJ firmware update to 1.22, but I cannot connect my laptop to the CDJ's anymore.  In the Rekordbox 2.x series, when I connected via an ethernet cable it would pop up with the "Link" button in the lower left corner.

What am I missing and how I can I do this with the new updates?  As a software engineer myself, I gotta say, you guys did a great job with the new updates. :)  Congrats!

David Knise

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There was a caching issue with the Windows Firewall or something.  I think I undid my firewall steps at some point during the software/firmware updates.

If you're experiencing the same issue, please check out the "read this" thread and double check you followed the steps in the correct order and/or your steps do not get undone in the process:


Cheers :)

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