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Where is the "Display pane horizontally" button?

Hi everyone,

I Just downloaded the new RB 3.0 and am testing it home before the weekend shows. I have just shifted from 2000 to nexus! Very excited to use my brand new cdj2000 nexus.

Question: Before, on RB 2.-- versions we had "Display pane horizontally" switch that could be used to display both the playlist on RB and the playlist on USB/SD device. That way was very convenient as I could drag and drop playlist from RB to my device, and by the same time update my device.

In RB3.0, I do not see this button! Am I missing something! 

For the time being I am highlighting the playlist in RB, then left click,hold it tight and scroll ALL the way down to where my device playlists are listed... this is kind of risky as at anytime I may release the playlist and it may end up anywhere. I hope my explanation is clear enough... 

A quick help will be much much appreciated as I have important gigs coming up and I really would like to use my existing device playlist yet updated with new tracks, cue point etc.

Thanks in advance. I am sure PULSE can help me on that.

Cheers to all and yes yes yes PIONEER FOR EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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yeah, they did not include this feature in 3.0. Hopefully in an update, I miss having 2 panes open side by side

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Hey hey, thats a fast reply BriChi. I am impressed.

Thanks for info.

Keep the good job, best regards

Prakash from Mauritius. :-)

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