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EXPORT ERROR when exporting MP3 Files in Large Batch to USB Hard Drive (Rekordbox 3.0)

On my 2.2.4 I had no problem exporting MP3's to my external Hard drives in groups of 7,000 or less.... however on the 3.0 Rekordbox it stops around 700 songs and says "EXPORT ERROR".....  I have tried it various ways to work around it but same issue.....   luckily I still had Rekordbox 2.2.4 on the same computer... I went in that version and tried doing export and it is working just fine.... for some reason on the 3.0 software it doesn't work.....  I kept 2.2.4 just in case of any issues and luckily I did.... I hope someone knows how to get this to work in 3.0 again?  2.2.4 seems much smoother with exporting right now.... and only way I can do large chunks is using 2.2.4......


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does it create an error log text file in your documents folder? I had this and it created a file showing the issue


also once I looked on the external to see the last exported file, then looked at the internal library to see what they next file would have been and seen if it was analyzed propel, Once I re analyzed the one file, everything exported perfect

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