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Rekordbox 3.0.1 does not save cue points in Memory bank (at all) on OSX

I am not able to store any queue points in the Memory panel. Hot Cues work fine. But when I try to add any cue points in the Memory (by clicking Memory button when Memory panel is active - or tried clicking individual locations in the Memory panel also and it does not work). Was the same on the previous 3.0 version I had previously. I just downloaded the latest update today hoping it might be fixed.

0) Have you read the "READ ME FIRST" thread in its entirety AND TRIED THE SOLUTIONS THERE before posting: Yes

1) Operating System: OSX 10.9.4 (Mavericks)

2) OS Type: 64bit

3) rekordbox version: 3.0.1-rev2408-3416

8) Is rekordbox crashing at all: No

9) Are you able to repeat / reproduce the problem: Yes

9a) If yes, can you do it consistently: Yes

10) Does the problem occur with one specific song: No

Martin Porter

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Ah. It works as described. I had the grid view on so did not see the other Memory button the Cue/View ! User error it seems. Was assumed it worked like V2.X and you clicked on the actual memory items. So problem solved ! Thanks......

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