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Track file sizes don't update when the source file is changed

I've recently updated/upgraded many of my track files which has increased their individual file size.  However Rekordbox (3.01) shows the original file size.  (ex: 8.1mb in Rekordbox, 12.7mb source file)  [not sure if this was an issue in RB2]

The tracks are the same file extension so re-adding them and re-categorizing them was not necessary.  I've re-analyzed them which updated the wave preview, duration, meta and bit-rate but not the file size.  

My concern is, lets assume a playlist indicates a total size of (500mb), the 'real' exported file size is actually a little (or a lot) higher.  This can make exporting playlists (especially in folders groups) to a device a bit of a guessing game.  (one export group that was indicated as 6.8 GB was actually 10.7 GB which was above my device capacity.)

I don't really want to delete/re-add everything since that'll mean I'll have to re-create all the playlists.  This would be a nice defect to correct (unless there's a way to refresh this).  Despite this... Rekordbox is still awesome.


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