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No master sound through headphone using Traktor 2 pio edit of TP2!


Bought the Pioneer DDJ-T1 controller in March this year and have no regrets of buying, damn I like it :P!

I got the following problem, when I bought it of course the Pioneer edition of traktor was included in the package. No problems so far, working extremely well. When the Pio edition of traktor 2 was released, I installed it and when I use the Traktor 2 version, I can't hear any master sound through my headphones anymore, only cue sound.

Strange thing is, I still got the original Traktor version on my laptop and I dont have the problem with that version, only with the Traktor 2 version. I tried going through the setup wizard over and over againg and comparing the settings from traktor 1 with traktor 2 version but I cant seem to fix the problem, anyone who can help me out!

Thanks for the effort!


Adriaan van A

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How is it you have the audio output settings configured?  Can you take a screenshot and post it for us?

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