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DDJ-T1 Problems

I purchased this yesterday and followed all the setup steps but am experiencing some issues.

The response from the controller seems very slow and intermitant- if faders or knobs are moved too quick (no quicker than you would need for basic mixing), the software doesn't respond as quick, sometimes not at all. The buttons also do not seem to trigger functions well.


I'm also noticing some problems with the midi maps- touching the left platter makes the cross faders skip around and deck B goes into loop..


I'm getting these problems in both the prepackaged Traktor T1 edition and also when I upgraded to Pro2


I'm hoping someone can offer me some advice on these because so far I've been very disappointed with the T1. Note I had no problems with my old Behringer BCD3000

Simon Scruby

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Your problems sound computer and not controller related.  What kind of machine are you working with? (Specs).  What you are describing sounds like a latency issue.  Is the sound skipping when you manipulate the controller and are outputting a track?  Try running the setup wizard form the settings menu again.  This is a seriously easy piece of equipment to get up and running!

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