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DDJ-T1 + New Traktor Pro 2 Mapper



Trying to load that new Pioneer Traktor Pro 2 Sample Banks C & D, loads perfectly and up to now works perfectly also.


The only problem i have is now the regular Deck A & B doesnt work no more.


I followed the guide step by step, when i go back to etither A or B when i press play nothing is happening, actually, everything else works expect:


Play/Pause, FX 1-2 on each chanals, Sync button on each chanals and the Headphone Cue buttons on each chanals...


Not sure how i can resolve this...


Please some help



Cedrik Hudon

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i too have the same problem... Was working fine early evening, went to use it later on and it didn't work!!! Very annoying!!!

Adam Locklin 0 votes
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What version of Traktor are you running?  Have you updated to the latest version?

Pulse 0 votes
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